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A collaborative space to help you grow & empower your mind. 

Psychology & HypnoBirthing to help reach your full potential with care.



Growth is in this place, a

step to transform into the person you deserve to be

& live life with confidence.

The Growth Room is a collaborative, respectful, non-judgemental space where you can learn how to make sense of things, reflect, grow and develop skills to empower your mind to transform into the best version of yourself. 


Built on the belief that every person is worthy and deserves growth to live a more fulfilling life. The Growth Room offers evidence-based therapies to support mental wellbeing as well as HypnoBirthing education workshops that support pregnant women to achieve a positive birth experience.

The Growth Room works in conjunction with Space Between Psychology - A clinic focusing on couples and family therapy 

Choose your growth.

I'll be there for you every step of the way. With my years of experience and professional
knowledge let me support and guide you through this time.



The Growth Room believes that not one single approach can work for everyone. That is why a range of evidence-based therapies is offered to help you overcome a particular mental health concern tailored to your needs.



HypnoBirthing courses that teaches you how to prepare yourself mentally as you approach the day of childbirth with confidence and calmness instead of one fraught with fear or anxiety.

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Clinical Supervision

Let me help you get to where you need to be. I

am a Clinical Supervisor that is ready and willing to take on new graduates so you can gain the confidence and skills needed for success in Psychology. Let's work together!

Change that matters.

Become empowered and confident through mindful change.

Grow a healthy mind for your health & fulfilment.

Change your mindset, your outlook and the course of your life with the care of psychological therapy.


It's not uncommon to experience a downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions. The Growth Room is here for you to be able to share, feel seen, be heard and develop richer insights in understanding your life's experiences, how they impact your life now, and how you view yourself, others, and the world around you. With a changed mind, your outlook can become happier, putting you on the path of self-improvement and better quality of living! 


Together, we'll work through the hurdles towards fulfilment.

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Learn to relax & let go in childbirth.

Banish fear, reclaim your body for a more 

comfortable, stress-free, calm birthing

experience with HypnoBirthing techniques.

The ultimate birth preparation program for mums and partners who want a positive pregnancy journey and birth experience.

Ready to start working together?

Throughout this whole experience, you will work with me to help you feel supported, guided and understood. When you're ready, let's work on your journey to find happiness and success!